Letter from Lisa Jahn-Clough

Dear Young People,

I have been a writer most of my life, since I was seven or eight and wrote stories and sent them off to newspapers and magazines. I am fifty years old now and I still write and publish books for young people, as well as teach at a small university.
I do this because I believe in the power of your voices.
Because YOU are the present and the future.
Because YOU are wise and strong and I want you to be able to grow and speak and be heard.
Because YOU matter, far more than I do right now.
Because I believe in YOU!
And there is power in your words and in your actions.
I do not have children of my own–you, my readers are all my children. You are all of us. I want you to know I VOTE and I will never vote for a candidate who refuses to act against gun violence or who does not support education and health care and the preservation of our world through our youth.
You matter! So MUCH!

Lisa Jahn-Clough
(author and illustrator)

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