Letter from Victoria Jafari

Dear students,

I cannot possibly describe, much less honor the strength and courage you’ve displayed in the face of such cruel injustice. I am heartbroken when I think of what you’ve endured, of what you’re enduring still. I am humbled when I see the way you’ve chosen to respond to it. But through it all, I am not surprised.

I’ve always known, deep in my heart, that young people are the trailblazers of each generation. History has proven it time and again—and today, you are the living embodiment of this truth.

That does not mean, however, that the rest of us—adults—get to sit back idly as you do so. If you are the arrowhead, then we must be the shaft and the fletching. As you fly into battle, we must be with you—behind you—every step of the way. Lending you strength, carrying your voices, protecting you from those who would stop you from achieving your goals.

Because I know—and in your wisdom, you know this, too—that the path ahead will not be easy. If it were, it would not take courage such as yours to walk it.

Please know that I will do everything in my power to support you as you rise to meet this formidable challenge.

You have my sword.

Victoria Jafari,

Mother, Teacher, and Writer of Children’s books

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