Letter from Charlotte Agell

Dear Young People,

I write for young people. I work with young people. You ask the best questions. You demand answers. You know how to NOT be complacent.
As a public school teacher, I have only recently started wondering how many kids I could actually fit under my desk if we had an active shooter in the building and this shocks me. It horrifies me that some of you have had to endure the unthinkable.
The United States is suffering from a mad illness. Thank you for speaking out. We can counter the fear with love and with our voices and with VOTING. The NRA will never arm this teacher. More guns are not the answer.
Now is the time for us to (finally!) figure this out. Many countries have enacted effective laws: Australia, Scotland. American exceptionalism should not mean a well armed “militia.” I consider YOU our best defense: your passion, your voices, your LIVES.
Stay bold. Do not back down. It’s time to stand up together. Thank you for insisting on being heard.

Onward, with LOVE.

Charlotte Agell, Author/Illustrator/Teacher/Mom


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