Letter from Kristen Pettit

Dear Parkland Students,
I’m sorry. For five years I have been trying to get the job done for you. I became a gun sense activist after the massacre in Sandy Hook and for five years I participated in phone banks, met with legislators, spoke in front of government buildings . . . it wasn’t enough to keep you safe. I want you to know I tried. I want you to know.

Dear Parkland Students, thank you–for giving a voice to this tragedy. For brandishing the truth like a sword and riding into battle against opponents no less formidable than the most powerful politicians and special interests on the planet. Your fire reignites my own. It inspires–because you’re right: there is nothing more precious than YOU. Nothing more important to our collective futures.

Dear Parkland students, I am beside you. I am behind you. Let’s fight together till the job is finally done.

Kristen Pettit, Executive Editor

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