Letter from Maxine Kaplan

Dear Student Activists

I’m writing this letter to thank you.

Thank you for your passion, your courage, your intelligence, and, above all, for your rigor. So many adults in the room of American public discourse have decided that thinking deeply, specifically, practically, and morally about issues all at the same time is either too hard or or not worth it. But the American experiment relies on organized thought, well and persuasively expressed. I’m so sorry that you have to do this for us, but I thank you for doing it.

I’m also writing this letter to warn you.

Staying rigorous is not easy. Effecting change is not easy. Dealing with trolls, especially those in the White House, is not easy. This will get hard. This will feel not worth it. But we need you to keep going. What’s more, I believe in your ability to do so. You have shown more skill and sophistication in communication than so many who are so much older than you and working for a far less righteous cause. I believe you can and will win. And I promise to have your back in any way that I can.

Yours in great admiration,
Maxine Kaplan, Author

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