Letter from Ann Angel

Dear Amazing Teens,
I saw today that the Florida legislature refused to even discuss an assault weapon ban. I am so sorry. But please continue to stand up, speak out, and shout out and insist that you be heard. It might take time but don’t give up; demonstrate resilience and determination and perseverance in this very important fight for the safety of all who enter a school building or who live in this world. I want you to know that the mega-majority of authors, teachers, coaches, librarians, health care providers, social workers, mental health professionals and parents are with you, either fighting this fight alongside you, or hanging with you in spirit. We want to win this fight to make the lives of children in schools safer. Meanwhile, please also know that you’re in my thoughts and the thoughts of so many of us who write and teach for teens; we are not simply offering reassurance or thoughts and prayers though. We are fighting for your safety right along with you.
Ann Angel, Author/Teacher