Letter from Anne Broyles

Dear Leaders and Inspirers,

Thank you for your courage, articulate message, and willingness to jump into the fray and take action. Many of us who are adults have worked on the issue for gun violence for many years and sometimes, it has felt like beating our heads against a wall of indifference.

When Columbine happened, it felt like an aberration. Surely such a school shooting could not happen again. Not like that. But, as you know from growing up in the United States, gun violence has increased to a level where it seems some people are inured to its commonplace occurrence. When elementary children were murdered at Newtown, I thought, “This is it. Laws will change now, for surely our nation cannot bear the loss of more innocent lives.” And yet, in many places (and surely in the national discussion on gun control) little has changed.

Emma, David, Kelsey, Lorenzo, Daniel, Florence, Spencer, and all of you who are making your voices heard, you are inspiring youth and adults around the nation. You are taking a horrific experience and transforming it into the national discussion. You are heroes who are honoring your deceased classmates in the best possible way. I sense energy around this issue that I have not seen or felt before from people who until now have remained complacent with the status quo.

I hear you.
I honor your work.
I am with you and recommit myself to action to change laws.


Anne Broyles, Author of Books for Children and Young Adults