Letter from Carrie Jones

You teach us.

You teach us
That that singing blind praise to politicians
Even on ordinary days
Leads to days of chaos, death
And mourning.

You teach us that angels exist in hallways and classrooms
And podiums and behind microphones
And holding doors and speaking truths.

You make us remember to gasp out the wrongs of this world.
You make us remember to say there should be no such thing as ‘being silent’

With our voices
With our votes
With our hearts

When lives are at stake.

Lives were at stake.
Lives are still

You teach us
You teach us so much.
And you shouldn’t have to.

We shouldn’t have to be told what the right thing to do is.
We shouldn’t have to be told
By you
By anyone
That lives count
That kids count
That truths count.

You are stories unfurling into this world.
You are stories that slap us into sense.
You are stories of souls that defy trolls to shout truths
And you count.

You matter more than five-star hotel rooms,
And lobbyists, and greed. You matter
More than mistakes and bad voting records.

You count.

Thank you for making us
remember, for telling
us, for teaching us.
I am so sorry that you have to.


Carrie Jones, Author