Letter from Diane Magras

Dear Students of America,

We children’s authors regularly write about kids like you saving our fictional worlds. We write about that for a reason: We know that kids are powerful. And you’re proving this in real life.

You, students of America who are standing up to protest gun violence, are powerful. You’re the heroes of the story going on right now, today, in this country, in your community. You know what it’s like to be afraid, and to be angry. You shouldn’t have to feel those emotions. But you know how to respond to them.

Like our fictional heroes, you’ll have conflicts. There will be ignorant bullies who mock you for your youth, who will tell you that you are no more than your parents’ children, that you need to be quiet and listen.

Those are the characters we cast as villains. And in our books, you always defeat them because they’re never as wise or clever or noble as you.

It’s very similar to what’s going on right now in this, your story.

Know that we believe in you, and are proud of you, and are grateful to you for speaking up, standing up, being angry—and being powerful.

By the way, you’re making history.

With love and respect,

Diane Magras
Children’s Author