Letter from Josephine Cameron

Dear Students,

I’ve been staring at this page trying to figure out what to say to you (at a moment like this, even writers are at a loss for words). There are really only two words. Thank you.

Thank you for standing up in your moment of grief.

Thank you for stepping up where adults have let you down.

Thank you for pushing through sadness and anger and fear to tell us how you feel.

Thank you for demanding change. And for not losing hope. Even when the lack of progress is devastating, please know that we hear you. Your words are making a difference. Your actions are making a difference. Please know that we support you. We will march with you and fight with you. There will be setbacks, but we won’t give up. This is how change happens. You are making it happen.

Thank you for being strong. Thank you for leading us to a new future.

I am so grateful,
Josephine Cameron, Author