Letter from Josie Kirchner

I want to take a moment to let you know that I support you in raising your voice to influence a change in government response. I cannot begin to imagine what it was like to have to endure the horrific reality of having an active shooter on your school campus and bear witness to the loss of classmates, friends, and teachers. In times of great turmoil opportunities emerge; and your drive to speak up and speak out is exactly how change is brought about.

Your voice is important. Your voice is needed. Your story is your own and your truth must be heard. I applauded you for striking while the iron is hot and not allowing this tragedy to be quickly acknowledge and moved on from. If you believe change is needed, please keep the momentum you feel now in your heart and let it propel you to continue in sharing until change occurs. It isn’t easy to get in front of law makers and bear your heart and advocate for what you feel is right. You will encounter those who are not convinced of your cause—let that drive you to stand firm in your conviction and be relentless in your mission. I have witnessed firsthand how the youth voice has influenced our legislators and impacted change across our state. Know that it can be done and that you have an entire network of support behind you, rooting for you.

You are the voice of tomorrow, you are the voice of now.

Keep calling out BS,

Josie Kirchner, Mother, Mentor, Human