Letter from Kathleen Burkinshaw

Dear Parkland Students,
I have written and rewritten this letter many times. I realize that whatever I may write in mere words here cannot begin to touch what you are experiencing nor can take away your pain. Even though I wish that they could. I can only empathize with you, in your loss. Your loss of friends, teachers, coaches, a safe space, that were all taken away in a matter of minutes.

I am in awe of your courage and that you will force the issue of gun control so that such a tragedy won’t happen again at another school. To speak for the ones who no longer can speak. Please continue to do so even though some groups will try to tell you that your words don’t matter. Your words and action do matter!

I know that you have heard “thoughts and prayers” so much, but you all truly are in mine. Please know, you are not alone in this campaign for tougher gun laws.
Most fondly,
Kathleen Burkinshaw
MG Author and Mom