Letter from Katy Farber

Dear Students,

You fill me with hope. That tiny glimmer in my chest blooms when I hear you speak out. It is a flame that has wavered recently, has gotten smaller, and is in danger of going out altogether at times. And then, there you were. You were born of violence and grief and heartbreak but also inaction and platitudes of the adults around you. Truth is, you have always been there. At the forefront of every social movement, kids have helped lead the way. Kids helped reveal the horrible cruelty and denied dreams of child labor. Teens fought for desegregation in their town parks and pools. Kids helped hold corporations accountable for their actions around the globe. You join in this line of kids fighting for a better world, when most of the world tells you, wait your turn, we know better.

We don’t know better. We have failed you, and it is obvious to me, we need you. You don’t leave your first amendment rights at the school door, you carry them all the time. Use your voice in all the ways you can to tell your story, your truth, and what you need for a safe and happy life. We will amplify you, we will be a bridge for you, we will walk with you.

with gratitude and hope,

Katy Farber, Educator and Author