Letter from Lori Snyder

Dear Parkland kids, and all others of your fabulous generation,

Man, you are amazing.


Thank you for your courage, your clear vision, your conviction, and your willingness to not only say that this isn’t okay but to then act on that knowing. Thank you for taking your righteous anger and using it as positive fuel. You remind me to hope, as your generation has over and over. You and all the kids and young adults like you are the reason that I can’t despair, because you are the spectacular future.

Never doubt your gut feeling that something is wrong.

Never doubt your ability to fix it.

There are some people who will try to tell you that you are crazy, you are entitled, you are too young, you don’t know enough, you can’t possibly understand. They will talk to you as though you are stupid. They will say things that might cut to the core. They will tell you it’s a waste of time and nothing will change, anyway. They will tell you that there’s really nothing you can do.

They are wrong, wrong, wrong.

They will try to convince you that one person can never make a difference, and that certainly YOU can’t.

Um…hello, Gandhi.

Hello, Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hello, Rosa Parks.

Hello, César Chavez.

Hello, countless others who have changed their neighborhood, their city, their country, their world.

Know that we have your back.

We stand with you.

(And by the way, so do most of the people in this country. And in the world. Even though it sometimes doesn’t seem like it, there are more of us who care about peace, love, kindness, intelligent debate, and empathy than there are who care about money and power. Never forget that. We are all rising up, and we are with you.)

With huge love & respect,
Lori Snyder, Author and Teacher